Losing weight and getting in shape has never been an easymission. We cannot survive without food and nowadays the temptationis too hard to resist: supermarkets are full of products thatattract us.


Food industry does all possible to make us spend our money ongroceries. Some of us become addicted to some certain tastes andsmells. However, if you want to stay healthy and look your best,then you should get used to reading the labels. The more naturalproducts you buy, the better you will feel and look.


1. Carrots


Carrots are one of the sweetest vegetables. They do containsugar, however, sugars that are found in vegetables are much lessharmful than those we find in cakes or candy. Carrots contain only25 calories per cup which means you can add them to soups, pies,smoothies, eat them raw or bake carrots pies from time to time.Thisbright vegetable is famous for its high amount of carotene that isrecommended to improve vision, skin and immune system.There areplenty of delicious dishes you can make using carrots. Include thisvegetable in your menu if you want to increase your energylevel!


2. Red bell peppers


Another food that is very low in calories is the red bellpepper. They taste and smell nice yet contain less calories thanapples. Add red bell peppers to your salads, eat them raw and enjoygood health and figure!One average red bell pepper contains only 40calories which makes this vegetable an excellent product for thosewho keep track of their diet.They are rich in fiber, vitamin C and,although quite sweet, they contain only 1 gram of sugar. Red bellpeppers are advised even if the person is not on any sort of a dietbut simply wants to maintain his health, weight and have glowingskin.


3. Cucumbers


Why do most of us adore cucumbers? First, because of their freshsmell that tastes good in vegetable smoothies and salads.Itsfragrance is easily recognized and loved by all people. Not only docucumbers taste and smell nice. They contain minimum calories since98% of a cucumber is water!Cucumbers cleanse your body, skin,improve your hair and nails. To be short, cucumbers are a greatbeauty product that contains Vitamin C, potassium, B group vitaminsand silica.


4. Spinach


Just like most vegetables and fruits, spinach contains no fat.This plant provides us with B and C vitamins, protein, calcium andfiber. It is also rich in vitamin A and minerals, such as iron andmagnesium. Did you know that a cup of spinach contains just 20calories? Add spinach to your sandwiches or snack on it when youfeel hungry. Its rich buttery taste with a hint of sweetness willalways beat your sweet cravings and will never ruin your diet orfigure. Spinach can be used to make stir-fries and soups tastedifferent and more unique.


5. Strawberries


One of our favorites is strawberries. Only if you allergic tothese berries should you exclude them from your menu. If not, thenby all means eat this fragrant, sweet and delicious food.Strawberries make a healthy and delicious snack. They contain only50 calories per cup.


Use strawberries instead of sweet unhealthy desserts, add themto your favorite fruit salads, smoothies or simply eat them raw.These wonderful bright berries are rich in nutrients, minerals andvitamins. They can easily make your days without refined sugarseasier. Be creative and make your own new dishes where the mainingredient will be strawberries.


6. Romaine lettuce


Healthy food does not necessarily cost a lot. The point is tomake smart decisions and choose what is best for you. If yourbudget is humble and you want to save, then try romaine lettuce – acheap, yet very healthy and low-calorie food. This type of lettucegives only 30 calories per cup. Besides these, you will get plentyof vitamins A and C. Romaine lettuce is a good and affordable wayto improve your immune system and cardio health. Add it to yoursmoothies or salads.


7. Oatmeal


Oatmeal contains more calories than the foods that we havementioned above. However, oatmeal is recommended for those who areon a diet because this product fills you up and you do not feelhungry for longer. Do not put anything in your oatmeal. If you donot like its plain taste, we suggest you add a few berries to it.Avoid adding sugar, jam or honey though.


The seven foods mentioned above are low in calories, containloads of nutrients, minerals and vitamins to help you in bettershape and maintain or even improve your health. Another good thingabout these 7 products is that they cost little and are affordableto all. They are available at any store and can be used to makeyour usual dishes taste different. What recipes do you know thatcontain these products? What are your favorites? Share yourknowledge with us.