Happy 英文介紹中國傳統文化~

1.傳統中國節日:traditional Chinese festival

2.農曆:lunar calendar

3.臘八節:Laba Festival

4.小年:Little New Year

5.除夕:Lunar New Year's Eve

6.春節:the Spring Festival

7.正月初一:Lunar New Year's Day

8.元宵節:the Lantern Festival

9.正月:the first month of the lunar year

10.二月二:Dragon Heads-raising Day

傳 統 習 俗

11.喝臘八粥:eat Laba porridge


12.掃塵:sweep the dust

13.掃房:spring cleaning

14.祭灶:offer sacrifices to the God of Kitchen

15.守歲:stay up

16.拜年: pay a New Year's call

17.祭祖:offer sacrifices to one's ancestors

18.祭財神:worship the God of Wealth

19.春聯:Spring Festival couplets

20.貼倒福:paste the Chinese character "Fu" upside down

21.去晦氣:get rid of the ill-fortune


22.辭舊歲:bid farewell to the old year



25.燒香:burn incense

闔 家 團 圓

26.吃團圓飯:have a family reunion dinner

27.年夜飯:New Year's Eve dinner

28.全家團圓:family reunion

29.辦年貨:do Spring Festival shopping

30.敬酒:propose a toast

31.穿新衣:wear new clothes

32.紅包:red envelops

33.壓歲錢:gift money;money given to children as a Lunar New Yeargift

美 食 小 吃

34.年糕:rice cake;New Year cake

35.餃子:dumplings;Chinese meat ravioli

36.湯圓:dumplings made of sweet rice

37.八寶飯:eight-treasure rice pudding (steamed glutinous rice withbean paste, lotus seeds, preserved fruit, etc.)

38.什錦糖:assorted candies

39.糖蓮子:candied lotus seed

40.花生糖:peanut candy

41.蜜冬瓜:candied winter melon

42.瓜子:red melon seeds


44.紅棗:red dates

45.春卷:spring roll

46.冰糖葫蘆:candied haws on a stick

47.驢肉火燒:donkey burger

48.臘腸:Chinese sausage

49.米酒:rice wine

50.臘肉:preserved meat

51.糖板栗:sugar chestnut

52.四喜丸子:four-joy meatballs

Wishing you a sparkling New Year and bright happy New Year! Maythe season bring much pleasure to you.


Wishing you all the blessings of a beautiful New Yearseason.